Marvelous English Essay

  • Marvelous English Essays (original year of copyright -2012)

    The hardest part of understanding either mother tongue or a foreign language is to express our opinions in that language. We need clear ideas and the most appropriate words for an impressive piece of writing. As a teacher, Prof. Virdi found several students very dissatisfied with essay material available to them either in books or on internet. He wrote several essays to help them pass their exams and they showed marvelous results. Mr Virdi has delved very-very deep into English for a long time before bringing out this book. These essays are so touching and convincing that readers cannot help feeling satiation. Prof. Virdi is highly educated, well-read and so confident about the standard of the contents.

    He is sure that after going through this book, readers will have hundreds of fresh ideas and will be compelled to feel -East or West, Prof. Avtar S virdi is the best. 

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