We have very special program for those who want to become a Canadian citizen.  To do so, every candidate must meet three conditions;

1 . must have lived in Canada for 1460 days (four years) in six years. (Any year a PR lives for more than 183 days out of Canada will be discarded)

2. must score level 4 in listening and speaking module of CELPIP exam

3. You must be atleast 18 years old.

There are some more conditions regarding income tax, foreign property etc. To learn more, visit

The citizenship test has become very hard since 2012. There are more that three thousand questions to be studied before going for exam. The answers may be easy but questions have been made very tricky, and especially for those who are weak in English. We help you understand questions better and answer in the least possible time. Our students learn most of the facts of official citizenship book in their tips. Prof. Avtar S. Virdi, the Director and founder of our institute, had pointed out thirteen serious mistakes in the official citizenship book and sent to the federal government three years ago. Even a former Citizenship Judge, Shinder Purewal, has validated those mistakes in an interview with PTC news channel.

So, our work speaks volume about our credibility. We have done so much in the field of education that no ordinary institution can even dream of. By joining our institution, you can rest assured  that you are in the safest hand to help you succeed.

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