Preparation for IELTS

A little background of our institute

‘IELTS Academic’ became a very popular exam in mid 1990s for non-English speakers for studying in English-speaking countries. We started IELTS coaching in 1996 in Punjab and this program soon became very popular in the surrounding areas. We also helped students clear ‘IELTS General’ exam for those who wanted to move to English-speaking countries on Permanent immigration and work-permit base.

We learnt that a huge number of people in Canada needed our services for IELTS, ESL and other English challenge exams. With immense experience of coaching IELTS and ESL students, our institute moved its center of operation to Surrey, BC, Canada in 2007. With intensive advertisement on radio, newspaper. we managed to have a good number of students for our classes in about six months. Once the students took our coaching, people began hearing about our quality coaching, and we began serving people at mass level.

At Present 

We have very comprehensive tailormade IELTS coaching programs for both General as well as Academic students which are suitable to full-time as well as part-time students. Full-time students are those who can attend our classes five days a week either in the morning or in the evening. Part-time students are those who can attend classes once or twice a week or so, such as long-haul truck drivers. We also fast-track IELTS coaching for people on work-permit or visitors to Canada.

Hence we are the only institute in Surrey to help most people in most categories. We are the most recommended institute by our old students, their known people, and especially by most immigration consultants in and around Surrey.

IELTS Coaching

We help all our students prepare for all for modules (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) of IELTS in professional way. Students are explained clearly and thoroughly why they get their answers wrong in listening as well as reading modules. Our own authored books ‘Marvelous English Multi-Purpose Guide & Marvelous English Essays’ help IELTS students in writing essays, letters as well as in speaking.

We emphasize that all our students learn spellings carefully, and also learn the difference between British and North American spellings of the same word. They should have sound understanding of grammar which is a big challenge for them, but we help them overcome it in a fun way, which is our very well tried and trusted method for over two decades.

YES! we teach in such a way that we change lives for good forever.


Our ESL program

Our ESL program is very popular for several reasons. The very first thing is that we have our own book ‘Marvelous English Speaking Course’ which was authored by Prof. Avtar S. Virdi, and released in 1996 in Punjab, jointly by two ministers of the government of that time. This book had record sale for the next five years. All educationists, officers of lower and higher ranks, and all our readers found this book very useful.

We have tailormade ESL programs to suit needs of individuals. We start one-to-one with every student as per one’s English level. Our all students feel very comfortable since the day one. That’s why our ESL course is highly in being sought. We published one book, ‘Marvelous English Speaking Course’ in India. But after moving to Canada, we brought out seven more books;

  1. Marvelous English Speaking Course (part 1)

  2. Marvelous English Grammar (for all English learners)

  3. Marvelous English Essays ( for IELTS and grade 12 students)

  4. Marvelous English Multi-Purpose Guide (IELTS/CELPIP speaking modules)

  5. Marvelous English Graph writing (for IELTS)

  6. Aaee Canada Viahee (Punjabi novel)

  7. A Girl in a Whirl (English novel)

And number 2, 3 and 4 books have also been published by Xlibris, USA, and those are available online at , , and .

Our ‘Marvelous English Grammar’ and ‘ Marvelous English Essays’ books are also available in some Canadian libraries. Our work speaks volumes, that’s why institute stands out in Canada in imparting highest quality ESL course. Our highly experienced staff helps you learn English in such a way that you cry out of joy; English Is Very Easy.

That’s why our website is –