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S. Iqbal Singh, SSP Kapurthala

From my busy schedule, I have snatched a few moments to go through a no of exercises laid down I the book “Marvellous English Speaking Course” & I am very much impressed by the style and diction of the lessons given In it. I can safely conclude that the author is fully conversant with the nuances of the language. His efforts in this direction are praiseworthy. The book is unique In its character. A person going through the lessons of this book remains glued to

his seat up till their completion. I know the author for a couple of years the elite gatherings of the city & surroundings. The author the millennium president of “Lions Club Kapurthala Greater” has got a philanthropic attitude, which is an asset to the student community. His students

certainly feel inspired with his writings as well as with his presence. I wish the author god speed in his efforts for bringing out this new edition of this book

S. Rajinder Singh, Principal

I have gone through this book & find it a wonderful piece of hard work by prof. Avtar Singh Virdi. This book has been written with tremendous hard work and a great sense of humor. It gives immense pleasure and knowledge to the readers. This book is full of lovely jokes with translation and is studded with impressive quotable quotes. The author has brought out a very lively book for those who crave to learn English speaking. I’m all praise for him as well as for his this effort. I wish him all the success.

Suresh Seth, Host (All India Radio)

I have gone through the book “Marvellous English Speaking Course” written by Prof. Avtar

Singh. This book brings fresh air among the pile of routine and pedestrian books written by

various authors. This book divides the total work in 10 days in part 1 & 60 days in part 2, & the total coaching has been divided in a scientific way in such a manner that a student who doesn’t know much English can feel confident after studying these fruitful chapters in this book. This book has a pleasing outlook and with its openness goes very near the readers and makes them proficient in this language. I hope that this effort of Prof. Avtar Singh Virdi will be applauded by one and all and the elementary student of English will be immensely benefited by this work.

Jagjit Singh, P.C.S. Executive Magistrate

I have gone through this book titled “Marvellous English Speaking course authored by Prof. Avtar Singh. The author has made a sincere effort to write this book. I find this a brilliant piece of hard work I feel this book will go a long way in helping those who wish to have a good command over spoken English. I wish the author and the readers of this book a great success

Dr. D.N. Shahi, Director (Indian Institute of Sugarcane)

It is very heartening to know that Prof. Avtar Singh Virdi is doing a commendable service to the society by educating youth regarding various aspects of life including the teaching of English

Speaking. The book entitled “Marvelous English Speaking Course” written by him is a very

outstanding document that embodies the multifaceted aspects, can make an individual wiser & inculcate within them the national spirit with the skits given in the last part of this book. I know

him since his childhood when he was only ten and I have watched the development of his

personality very closely to date. I’m overwhelmed with the kind of development in him today. I feel very much proud of him. May God bless him great laurels and strength him to serve the society with the pen as well as with his other skills.

Sh. S.S. Bains, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Kapurthala)

The importance of the ability to speak English fluently cannot be underestimated in the present world. But unfortunately, it is a distant dream for most Punjabis, especially from rural areas. However, this distant dream now can be realized by following the procedure laid down with dedication and devotion in this book. This book is very simple and interesting to read. I have gone through this book but I feel that it is a tremors effort by Prof. Avtar S. Virdi to help the readers fulfill their cherished dream to speak English fluently. I am sure this book will go a long way to help its readers for the purpose it has been written. The author is known to me from very close quarters for the last couple of years. I am all praise for his multifaceted personality, dynamism, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes as well as moving spirit to enlighten and motivate the youngsters from his personal life. Undoubtedly, the author himself serves as a beacon light for those who come in contact with him in any manner. He inspires confidence and is an asset for the society in general & for his students in particular. His album “Hello Ladies & Gentlemen” along with this book is wonderful. In a nutshell, I can say that author is a magnetic blend of a writer, poet, musician, singer, and above all a highly dedicated social worker. I must congratulate and appreciate the author for making this brave endeavor in the right direction to help the readers of this book to attain proficiency in spoken English. I wish him still more success and choicest blessings from the almighty in future