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Marvelous English Multi-Purpose



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Course Description

 Q –Do you believe in honesty? Why or why not?

A – Yes, I believe in honesty. Although many say that honesty is found only as a word in dictionaries, I earnestly feel that if I am honest with my job and clients. My boss is smart

enough to know that I am the right person for the job. Moreover, I will have a sound sleep every night if I am honest especially with myself.  

  1. Q – Do you believe in helping others? Why or why not?

A – Yes, I believe in helping others. I think it is great to feel that this world is a beautiful place to live in and all people are wonderful. My parents have taught me this and I derive great pleasure by helping others. But I do take care that I help others within my genuine limits.


  1. Q – If you win lotto of $10 million, what will you do?

A – If I win such a big lotto, I would first go to my temple/church/masjid to thank god and offer $1000 there. I would buy a house of my choice after very careful selection in my favourite city. I would buy a life insurance that grows my money tax-free. I will start a new small business that could keep me busy and be a fun for me. I will also invest at least $5 million in real estate with some professional’s advice to secure my future. I will also give say $100 every month to different charities. I will help needy people from time-to-time according to my circumstances.

  1. Q – Where will you invest your money?

A – I will invest money mostly in residential as well as commercial real estate. I will buy universal life insurance to grow my money. I am a movie and music lover. I will also invest small amount of money in music or in a movie for hobby sake.


  1. Q – What, in your opinion, is success?

A – Success, in my opinion, is a psychological condition when a person from his learning becomes knowledgeable enough to handle most social and professional situations with great confidence. In such a state of mind, a person feels completely free from any superiority as well as inferiority complex. He or she also feels as free as a bird, knows what he is supposed to do and does everything with utmost concentration and love.

  1. Q – Can a person succeed if he or she doesn’t have good qualification?

A – Yes, of course. In old times, people didn’t have good qualifications but they still succeeded. Their mentors used to be so experienced practically that they guided them to achieve success. I think achievement of success in life is still beyond the domain of our syllabus books. We need right kind of attitude for continuous learning and special mentors to help us to be successful. 

  1. Q – What is needed to succeed in life?

A – I think it is very important to have good formal education that lets us enter the first door of success. We need open mindedness to keep learning every moment, from everyone and everything. This polishes our thinking continuously and helps us reach a state of mind of eternal jubilation/cheerfulness/happiness. We have to be honest and truthful especially with ourselves. We also need fire in our heart and undying zeal to achieve our goals. This is a long but sure way to achieve success. 




  1. Q – Which is your favourite love-story movie and why?

A – My favourite love-story movie is Shah Rukh Khan’s Hindi movie “Om Shanti Om”. I like this movie for its lovely story, great acting by Shah Rukh and wonderful direction. One of its songs has thrilled almost all Hindi movie lovers for very long. Shah RuKh’s expressions of mad love for Dipika, the heroine, are very impressive. The drama of rebirth of both hero and heroine is beautifully played after the villain burns Dipika to death and Mr. Khan dies in an attempt to save her. Although, Arjun Rampal, fails to impress as a villain, the movie still entertains the public a lot. 




4)  You migrated to another country. Write a letter to your friend to describe your present life and tell him/her why you chose this country.


Dear Sukh

I am sure you will be surprised to see my letter from Melbourne, Australia. I am writing to inform you that I with my family have migrated here last month. We arrived here on Oct 03 and we are trying to settle down yet.

We migrated here because my two sisters and their families moved here from UK three years ago. They also wanted me to join and help them in their business. I did this for my children’s better education and bright future. You know our country is marred by political, religious and caste confrontations. Earlier, I was very confident that things would change for better, but now I think I will not be alive to see those changes. Prices of essential commodities are sky-rocketing day-by-day. Our currency is continuously falling against dollar. Life is becoming increasingly hard there.

I don’t mean to say that life in these developed countries is easy, but there is a system at least. Clean environment and beautiful well-maintained surroundings are priceless. Please stay in touch and I will keep writing you about further developments.

With love

Harpreet Sembhi


At a restaurant – A waitress (W) and a customer (C).


W – Good afternoon, sir. What would you like to have?

C – Good afternoon, first tell me what you have in appetizers.

W – We have olive-cheese rolls, veggie spring rolls, spinach-artichoke dip, chicken- spring rolls, parmesan prawns, crisp king prawns, fried cheese, cucumber carpaccio, and a variety of soups. You can choose from this menu, sir.

C – What can be available right away?

W – Any appetizers you want will be ready in five minutes.

C – Thanks, give us only two minutes to choose.

W –Sure sir, I’ll be back in two minutes.


    Dispatcher (D) and a Truck Driver (TD)

D – Hello Jim, I have a load for you.

TD – Ok, What’s the address of load location?

D – It’s 7928 128 street, Surrey BC, V3W 4E9.

TD – When do I have to pick up the load?

D – You can pick it up at 5 P.M.

TD – Ok. I’ll take that.

D – Thanks.


        Patient (P) and Doctor (D)

P – Hello doctor, I have got rash on my face, neck and arms.

D – When did it happen?

P – I was picking berry yesterday and it was very hot there.

D – Have you ever had it before?

P – No, never. I have been picking berry for the last seven years.

D – It seems some kind of allergy. I prescribe/write you a medicine. Use it and see me next week.


       D – At a bank

  1. How are you doing today?
  2. I want to deposit my pay check/cheque.
  3. Can I see your picture ID?
  4. Do you want small or large bills/notes?
  5. Please enter your PIN number and press OK.
  6. I want to order checks for my company.
  7. Can you make a draft from my account?
  8. Please sign here.
  9. Here is my driving licence. [License (BrE)]
  10. Anything else, I can do for you?



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