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Marvelous English Essays


Marvelous English Essays

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Course Description

  1. Old age people are considered burden on families. They should be sent to Old age homes. What is your opinion? Give specific reasons.

I strongly disagree with the idea that our aged parents should be sent to old-age homes to spend their retired life. Old-age homes are made for those old people who either don’t have their children or their children are set at faraway places where their parents can’t go and feel at home. In my opinion, grown-up people must serve their aged parents in lieu of that they were brought up by their parents with utmost care, efforts and love.

Governments have made such homes for those retired people who have no one to take care of them or their grown-up children are settled in far-flung cities where the seniors may not feel at home because they are pretty much attached with the city where they have spent most of their life. It is obligatory on the part of every grown-up to take care of their parents in their retired life. Every grown-up must realise/realize how hard it is to raise kids and the same old age will not spare them in a span of a couple of decades. They must visualize what they expect from their off-springs when they face the same situation after growing old.

Though privacy is very important for a family, but this should not be at the cost of losing family bonds with older generation. Love is the most important lubricant to keep our life moving smoothly. In the old age, people need more care as well as warmth of love from their children as their mobility and working ability are reduced a lot. Only warm-hearted care can soothe their hearts from the feelings of frustration and despair. Moreover, this life cycle spares none and it is said, “As you sow so shall you reap”. If we want to see our children take care of us or live with us, we will have to set an example before them.

Therefore, I totally disagree with the idea that old people should be sent to old-age homes after their retirement or falling sick and deprived of the love and care they had hoped they would get from their beloved children. They will die broken heart repenting why they bore so much trouble in nurturing their children.

  1. Love marriage is better or an arranged marriage? Give specific reasons for your answer. (350 – 400)

In my opinion, Love marriage is the best way to get a spouse of one’s dream. Most parents are against it and want their children to marry a person whom they choose for them. But I think the young adults must find their life partner, meet him/her often to see if their views and hobbies are alike. Most parents are seen quarrelling with each other for all their married life, I wonder how they can find a right spouse for their child.

Love is a heavenly bliss and it must not be squandered at all. If somebody falls in love, their parents must co-operate with them and help them unite in all possible ways leaving their personal egos and false social stigmas aside. No doubt, the children in love may not realize the reality of life at that age, but isn’t it the duty of parents and well-wishers to guide them at this juncture? Why parents insist on marrying their children to a person of their own choice? Isn’t it their ego only? I think they also want to please society which has nothing to do in the personal life of their children.

In many cases, mostly it is seen though parents got married in arranged circumstances; they could never live happily throughout their life for they never fell in love with each other. If they couldn’t learn to lead a happy married life, how can they teach their children the same? The love life of their children may give them a great start to have a better future. The power of love should not be underestimated, otherwise why so many movies and songs on love would have been created worldwide. It cannot be denied that everybody craves for love and many have secret love affairs, but they don’t allow their children to follow suit. Love is irrefutable need of all of us, yet many parents become big hurdles in the ways of their children who want to marry persons of their choice.

I strongly feel that love marriage is the best way to find a spouse. People are also changing their mindset towards everything including supporting their children in their love marriage. Only true love between couples can help them do great things in their life for themselves as well as for the society.



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