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ESL course

Our ESL course has been the backbone of our institute since its inception in 1992. The secret of success is that we have found the roots of problem why non-english speakers find it hard to learn English. Moreover, Mr. Virdi’s research in English has organized tenses in such a way to careful help students stud, learners understand tenses for life, and they never look back afterwards. Mr. Virdi also created a ‘Simple Tense chart’ (Marvelous English Speaking Course part 1 book) that no university, not even Oxford, Cambridge or others known for English studies, has it. This small book contains all the material that explains how more than 25 per cent of basic English is spoken.

This is a copyright material of Mr. Virdi and our institution; rather all material published and being used at our institute is our copyright.

At present, we are offering a very economical and viable package for ESL course, that is open membership for unlimited classes as per students’ own availability for a one-time payment (Some conditions may apply). Most of our present students are taking this package as no institution in the world can give so comprehensive package.

Also, we are the only one who warrantee if any student isn’t satisfied with our ESL course after attending six-month classes, we will fully refund the fee. (Only a few conditions apply). Our books are very helpful sources in saving students’ time and helping them learn English rapidly. Therefore, Learning English at our institute is a great fun and a life-time experience.


NOTE: We also learn that some home-run schools use our material for teaching English. They had better be aware if they are caught, their owners will be sued for violating copyrights.